A workbook exclusively for Chandlers is FINALLY here! Every candle maker would agree that testing can be mundane; anytime you add a new vessel, candle size, or scent to your line, it must be tested. Regardless if you’re a novice or expert, each of you will find this book greatly beneficial. From one Chandler to another, this is DEFINITELY ‘The ULTIMATE Chandlers Workbook’!


Candle Testing Labels

Removable labels are included to place on or around your candle to easily identify each one.

Useful Check Boxes

Check boxes are conveniently located next to each ingredient. Simply check off the box indicating the ingredient has been added. This is perfect for making custom wax or fragrance blends.

High Quality Paper

All pages are much thicker than normal printer paper to help prevent ink bleeding through the pages.

Track Test Burns

Proper testing is extremely important in candle making. There are designated test sheets to easily track your results from each burn.


A calendar is included to help quickly check future dates to determine when your candles will be ready.

Wick Guide

Many suppliers offer Wick Guides but everyone experiences different results based on their wax, fragrance, and vessel. Included is a blank Wick Guide for you to use, this will help determine which wick works best. This will also be extremely helpful in providing a starting point for future candles you craft.

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