It’s finally here! A journal specifically for soapers to track all soap recipes. This journal is excellent for beginners to experts. Soaping is a science and it is important to track every step of the process in order to recreate or modify a recipe. From one soaper to another, this is definitely ‘The ULTIMATE Soapers Journal’!

Do you forget to jot down important information such as how a fragrance performed?

Have you ever forgotten to add an ingredient because you're so eager to get your soap in the mold and let the curing begin?

Are your soap recipes written in multiple notebooks or loose leaf sheets?


Soap Curing Labels

The removable labels are perfect for labeling your shelves with the date a soap was made and when it will be ready!

Useful Check Boxes

Check boxes are conveniently located next to all the ingredients. While making your soap, simply check off the box indicating the ingredient has been added. No more forgotten ingredients!

High Quality Paper

All pages are much thicker than normal printer paper to help prevent ink bleeding through the pages!

Track Results

Track your results during the creating process and after each batch is made. Thought provoking questions are included to help prevent forgetting any useful information that you would like to remember.


A calendar is included to help quickly check future dates to determine when your soap will be cured!

Draw your design

Do you love drawing your soap designs prior to creating your batch? If you answered yes, then you will love the inspirations page. This page is designated for drawing your unique creations!


Grab yours today!

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